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Butterflies Villas

It is the place where the beauty of the blue Ionian sea combined with an unrivaled environment brings you images of the “old” Zakynthos with the counts and countesses.
The Butterflies Villas & Spa complex is a modern architectural complex with relaxed and uncomplicated design lines and shades that blend with the impressively lush gardens covering an area of 11 acres, with a variety of over 9,000 plants and trees, spread out throughout the resort that touches the sea water. The three ultra-luxurious villas with private gardens and and private heated infinity swimming pools w/hydromassage of the complex are at your service as your personal retreat, with stunning views of the Ionian Sea and the Byzantine Castle of Chlemoutsi from the opposite side of the coast.
Butterflies Villas & Spa is specifically designed for people who love luxury and wish to spend a their time relaxing in a private environment.
Superb hospitality, our main feature, fascinates our guests, having committed ourselves to authenticity.
The history of hospitality - Butterflies Villas

The history of hospitality

The complex consists of three modern villas and one villa of traditional architecture within an area of 11 acres full of ornamental trees, plants, healing herbs and flowers covering the full color spectrum! In this area the villa of Eleutherios Mouzakis, the man who created the largest thread industry in Greece, the "Butterfly" threads - an eighty-year old myth-, dominates the region since 1970.
The wife of E. Mouzakis, having a great sense of luxury, created the Butterflies Villas & Spa complex, relying on her love for hospitality.

The butterfly that everyone knows, and everyone wants to catch, regardless of age, gives our guests a sense of the unpretentious beauty of the Greek luxury in hospitality and freedom. That's why we named our residency complex "Butterfly".

A post-modernist villa with elements of Heptanisian architecture by Architect G.Lygizos. The central entrance is made of stainless steel with presenting symbolic features drawn from a floral decoration designed by the architect D.Koutsogiannis

In front of the traditional villa, surrounded by trees and flowers, there is the famous sculptural work of the sculptor Praxitelis Tzaloulinos "Fluttering" with three birds, which prefigures the visitor with feelings of joy, creation, and freedom.

The villas’ profile is based on elements of minimalist design, by the architects D. Markoutsa and D. Koutsogiannis.
The emblematic Villa has hosted famous guests from the Greek and international business world, as well as the political scene of Greece, who arrives in the island flown by the family's helicopter.
Our gardens
As the Ionian winds hit the blue water sea, our lavish gardens begin their dance. Filled with beautiful summer colors they release a unparalleled Mediterranean aroma that floods the area.

The intention of the overall design by architect Karolos Hanikian, was to create a journey from the privacy of the villas to the open sea with each step of this journey becoming an unprecedented experience within a moving landscape.

Personalized Services - Butterflies Villas

Personalized Services

Tailor-made services.

Constantly tailoring our services to satisfy your needs we have created a large range of activities and experiences for you to indulge in.
Together we will plan the vacation you have dreamed of, we will make your dreams come true.

Environmental Policy
The BUTTERFLIES VILLAS & SPA complex was built with the protection of the environment in mind, giving priority to ecosystem safeguarding and sustainability. At the same time, it supports the local community with high-level services.
Being very sensitive about preserving the natural environment we designed our accommodations based on high aesthetics and the harmonization of the buildings with the surrounding landscape, and trained our staff so they develop and maintain a high level of ecological culture.
Towards that goal we formed and established management policies to facilitate water and energy savings, controlled clothing management, and the use of ecological cleaning products.
Greek breakfast
The guests of Butterflies Villas & Spa have the opportunity to enjoy our private complimentary breakfast featuring an exquisite menu served in a garden full of fragrant jasmine combined with the breeze of the Ionian Sea by the private heated infinity pool area where the traditional Greek marbles dominate the surroundings. The moment you enter the Butterflies Villas & & Spa complex you will have that unique sense that makes you feel like you are invited to a private home. Our seasonal menu, composed with the utmost attention to a healthy diet awaits to delight our distinguished guests.
Spa - Eleftheria
The spa was created to complement the luxurious stay of our guests, creating relaxation packages according to the guests’ needs and requirements. You will enjoy our spa services surrounded by beautiful greenery and trees, relaxing in rooms with modern architecture and simple decoration, equipped with furniture from luxury Italian designers.

Vip Transfer
Enjoy the experience of luxury transportation in Zakynthos by choosing the car that best suits your needs and experience an absolute comfort and safety. We work with the best car rental companies, offering our customers a wide range of car models available to meet their personal requirements.